About Us


Glotic Outsourcing India (P) Ltd hands on with the experience and knowledge based on IT, BPO, KPO and IT consulting projects. We provide end to end solutions for your projects. Our team of experts will certainly provide idea, analysis and solutions to your business needs to minimize the risk and problems and to focus on building the productive side to make it more profitable.

 Our core team will handle almost all of your needs of the project be it, Training, Operation, Quality Control, Work Force management we handle it all.

Our services will save you time and money as we are well connected with you and the industry to minimize the risk and any communication errors. You can rely on us for any of you outsourcing needs. We never settle for anything less then the best and when you come to us, rest assured that you and your data is safe. We always provide personalized and customized solutions and services for our clients.